• body rituals

body rituals

NAVISH Signature Treatment -
ultimate relaxation

A wonderful combination of a vitalising body scrub followed by a delicious body wrap and completed with a lovey massage that gives you the ultimate relaxation experience. With this treatment you will get 2 hours of free use of the facilities at our Eco City Spa.

The components of this treatment change on a regular basis.

Warning: don't plan anything after this, this makes you so relaxed that you never want to leave the chillzone.

120 minutes € 120

The NAVISH Experience.

This treatment will allow you to relax completely in just a short time break.
The NAVISH Experience starts with a refreshing footrituall, consisting of a scrub and footmassage. 
Completed by a relaxing massage of the cleavage, face and head.

30 minutes € 40

Relaxing Foot Treatment

This treatment starts with a detox foot bath and a footscrub.
Followed by a relaxing foot massage treating the reflex zones with acupressure points and meridians in the feet and lower legs.
A very relaxing treatment to rebalance your body.

60 minutes € 65

Tight Legs Treatment

This treatment focuses on the legs using different massage techniques: dry skin brushing, manual deep tissue massage and cupping. After this, the cardiovascular system is triggered by alternating with ice-cold and warm compresses.
Finally, a skin firming cream from Vitalis is applied.

This massage provides a visible improvement of the skin condition and is therefore extremely suitable for the treatment of cellulite.
Our frequent card offers benefits in a possible cure.

By optimizing the circulation in the legs, this treatment is also very suitable for the intensive athlete. (runners & cyclists)

60 minutes € 65

All our treatments can be booked as a Duo treatment.